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SurprisE Gift frm qp ~!

{February 23, 2005}

had dinner last nite with dad after work at Express Thai, IOI mall !!! whoa !!!! havent' been to IOI mall for AGES !!!!!! well.... dinner wuz OK only ! but the service there's wonderful ! hmmm .... it cost RM 61.50 for TWO of us ONLY !!!!!! SO EXPENSIVE !!! does not worth it at all !

hmm .... oh dear !!! the cpu at home wuz sent to the "hospital" by mom today !!! hmm ... the whole computer wuz not working AGAIN since dis morning ! well .... i dunno wht wuz wrong...

had piano lesson with Ms Ching today ! had SOoo Much fun!!! hahahaah .... SHe's a REAL FUNNY teacher !!!!!! the way she correct my fingering and timing on the pieces ! my gawd !!! she dunno how to speak hokkien ! but she scolded me in hokkien ! immagine the way she scold at me ! hahahaha .... i wuz there laughing and laughing !!! not even listening to wht she wuz trying to correct or tell me !!!!!!

mom went out to pick hui up frm gym class ! so, we - my 2 sisters, my cousin bro who jz came bck frm sch and me were having HAPPY HOUR !!! hahaahah WEEeeeee !!! after they've finish their homework, we watch 2 movies all evening - Mulan 2 & The Princess Diaries 2 ! Havin' great great time !!!

hmm ... night, went for ballet class like usual ... qiu ping gave me something wraped in a orange plastic-beg which is printed "doctorjob" before our class starts .... she wuz like " itz some education thingy useful for u !" so, i wuz like" thanks a bunch for helping me to get these ! " hmm .... i thought tht itz REALLY some education informations cz i recognized the plastic-beg's frm some education fair ! i got it last year too ! ..... well.... after ballet, mom straight away bring me to "Dharbar" for daddy's favourite " mee goreng " cz dad havent had his dinner by tht time! so, i only opened tht "education thingy" after i reached home!!!!!

i wuz STUNNED ! it wuznt some "education thingy" but a lovely cute photograph album !!!!!! and there's a note written by her in it ! WHoooh !!!! so, it wuz a SURPRISE PRESSIE !!!! hahahaha ..... naughty girl !!! u bluff me huh ?!?!? i wuz SO SURPRISED !!! well... she wrote tht dis is a early b'day pressie for me !!!! how sweet ! thx, qiu ping! hmm ... i wont be doing Grd 8 ballet exam dis coming may bcs of NS and i will stop ballet temporarily frm march until i come bck again! tht'll be 3rd of june ! so, she said dis might be the last pressie frm her for my b'day since she probably will not continue her ballet after she finished her grd 8 exam ! i'm so HAPPEEE with it !

well.... frankly, she's one of my great great fren !!! we have known each other since we were in grd 4 -- four years ago ! and we were partners during ballet class since grd 6 ! we share things together ! even ballet shoes, character shoes and text books !!!! hahahaha .... i alwayz pass my school's text books to her every year after i use it cz she's one year younger than me ! hmmm ..... we're practically like sisters !!! hahahha ..... she's a vry good girl , alwayz listens to her parents, a vry obedient girl !!! and a brilliant student ! she does vry vry well in piano and ballet too ! funny ! cheerful ! innocent ! angelic !!! hahahaha .... if i'm a guy, i'll surely go after her ! hahahah .... OWkay !!! enough of crapz !!!! itz really an honour knowing dis lil' sweet and silly girl here !

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BLuRrr !!! ~

{February 22, 2005}

i am totally BLUR today !!! dunno whtz the matter with me ! sigh ! not concentrating in anything !!! don't even feel like doing theory for piano ....

i even forget about my piano lesson TODAY !!! Aaaaahhh!!!!! SO BLUR !!!!! i followed dad to office instead ! oops ! srry , ms ching ! we were suppose to have replacement piano classes at 12.30 pm but i FORGOTTEN !!!!!! OOohh !!!! SilLy + FORGETFUL Meeeee !!!

afternoon, dad handed me a 10-dollar-note saying tht he will not be able to have lunch with me !!! EEEEeeee !!!!!! i dun wanna eat at tht coffeee SHop anymore !!! BORED ! so, i gotta followed auntie karen and other colleages to a near-by restaurant for lunch with "strangers" --- our company's clients and suppliers !!! it wuz VERY weird !!!! u know ? having lunch with ppl i dunno ! me and auntie karen are the only female ones ! AND i'm the only "kid" ! okok ! not kid ... itz teenager !!! didn't ate much though ....

evening, chat with rk, my, and hk ! ok .... um's to our dear long-winded rk !!! hahahahaa ... thx for all !!!! yea... i'll be fine ! and to hk the SILLY fella' ! ... asked me those SILLY questions suddenly ! u heard me ?!?! i wouldn't dream of telling u'em !!! hahaha... NEVER !!! AND my a.k.a bug , whoaa~!!!!! u really sleeps a lot huh ? alwayz sleep and sleep and sleep no matter itz daytime or nights !!! hey ! i think there's some green monster call MR. JEALOUSY b'hind u ! kekeke .. jealous of me uploading photos up here huh ? ..... hahaha ... [[ jz kidding larz ]] anyway, hope tht u'll get a digital camera SOON !

OoooHhh ! itz already 7.30 pm and daddy's still discussing some << robot stuffs >> with uncle Meng Hoe !!! i really have no ideas why r they SOoooo BUSY !!!! MEetings and meetings ! appointments !!! no wonder during my 1st day to work , js wuz like " hey ! itz a vry gud experience lettin' u to work at yr dad's office ! u'll know tht money doesn't come tht easy and u'll learn how 2 appreciate it ! " soundz like my mom and dad! hmm ... yea .... itz true !

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SOb sob !!! no more msn messenger !

{February 21, 2005}

sob sobz !!!! dad reformated the whole computer already ! but i'm not allowed to simply download things !!!! not even msn messenger !!!!!! moreover, i'm not the administrator of the pc !!! NOoooo WaY !!!! i want it ! i want it ! i want it !!!! i DON'T CARE !!! i'm gonna convince him till he approve !!!!!!

hmm ... nothing special happened today ! working at dad's office till 4 pm and mom came and fetch me to ballet class ~ did barre work and free movement dance ! me and qp exchanged our ballet shoes during the for the whole lesson ! cz she's gonna borrow mine for ballet exam later... AND she's gotta get use to it !!!

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{February 20, 2005}

itz been 4 days since i last post entries up here ! my computer at home's having some problems and the webpages can't be displayed although itz connected !!!! only can chat through msn messenger ... well... dad's still trying to fix it ! well... technically, the whole computer's still under "ICU" -- intensive care unit !

anyway, updates !!! hmm .... nothing much happen today ... well... my mood wuznt vry good in the morning cz i argued with mom last night ! ...... didn't speak much ! even my maid can sense it and she asked me wht wuz wrong .... honestly, she's the only one in my house who i share my things , feelings, thoughts with !!!! i can tell tht she's the nicest and best maid i've ever had ! i like her vry much !!! so, i told her everything and she consoled me ..... well... got better ....

i onlined sneakily again ! ... i does it most of the time cz my parents don't let me online without purposes .... we can only online when we need to do some research and emails ... tht's all ! sigh !!!!! i jz don't understand wht they discourage us using internet or chat with frenz online ! sigh ! sigh ! sigh!

i spent my afternoon SLEEPING for about 2+ hour ! hehehe .... PIG !!! my parents didn't know cz i locked the door and dad wuz busy working on his lab-top while mom wuz busy fetching my sisters in and out for classes and all ! woke up at around 4.30 pm and started to do theory ! 2 more past-year papers to go!!!! WEeeee !!!!! hahahaha...

ok ... night, went to auntie lay sim's house ... auntie lay kuan and uncle chin were also there !!! hmm ...they had jz arrived frm alor star in the evening ! they were all discussing about grandpa ....... nobody can take care grandpa or fetch him to the hospital for check-ups and all at hometown now cz all my aunties and uncles are at kl and they have to work ... left auntie lay khim, grandma, my baby cousin bro and grandpa at home ... poor grandma have to take care both grandpa and baby cz auntie will be working during daytime .... so, i think they're gonna get another maid to help grandma .... auntie lay sim will probably resign and go bck to alor star to help up too ! hope tht everything will be fine !

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they FIGHT again !

{February 16, 2005}

Yay !!! "recovering" ! the dissapointment and pain i had days ago are slowly "fading" away !!!!!!! special thx to js, george, ls, david , xw, sl !!!!

well .... i actually have poured everything out to ls jz now ! feelling much much more BETTER !!!!! thankyou so much for being my counsellor ?!?!?!! consultant ?!?!??! hahaha .... but plz remember wht've u promised me arh ! cz i don't like ppl who never keep their promises ! hmm .... u'll be sentenced to death if don't !!!! muahahahaha !!! wicked me !!!! hahaha... << jz kidding larz >>...

hmm .... hui didn't went to school today cz she's sick ! well ... me and my maid will be facing BIG BIG MAJOR problem everytime hui's with ting << they faught AGAIN after ting came bck frm kindergarden jz now >> ! they always fight , fight and FIGHT b'sides argueing and quarelling !!!! and NON-stop man !!! hui alwayz like to say things tht offends her and "stir" her up !!! then ting'll get mad and starts to SHOUT , YELL, and CRY LOUDLY !!!!!! itz SUPER ANNOYING !!!! Yerssshhh ! really can't stand it ! i alwayz get irritated with ting's extremely SHARP and LOUD VOICE !!!!!!!! GRRRrrrr !!!!!!!!!! so, me and my maid have to separate them into different rooms or force ting to take her nap ! jz don't let them be together !!!! itz like some chemical reaction !!!! if they are together , surely will EXPLODE !!!!!! sigh ! and they never listens to me or my maid !!!! ... it'll be WORST if mom's not in ! Urgh !!!!! .... mom alwayz say " u , being the eldest shuld show good examples to the younger ones ! advise, explain and teach them ! not scold or shout at them ! " hmm .... she's true though .... but they'll never bother about wht i try to explain or tell them ! sighz !!! sometimes, they even make fun of me ! ....

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elicia's piano

{February 15, 2005}

Mmm ..... talked on phone with cheryl for nearly 15 minutes just now and got scold !!! hehehehe .... cz mom wanted to call grandma ~

after " lou sang" "ceremony", i went to cheyl's house and continued chatting ....hmm .... her parents weren't home ...... i played a few songs on elicia's piano ....hehehe ... itz been a few months since i last touch the " piano!!!!! fingers got stiff ! YErrrshhh !!!!!! can't play smoothly ! well .... it went ok after i practised for a short while ~ AND --- cheryl & elicia [ her sis ] were dancing ballet while i'm playing the piano !!!! hahahaha .... SooOo damn funny !!!!!

i'm planning to practise on elicia's piano 3 days a week starting tomorrow ~ cz Ms Ching said my digital piano's really NOT SUITABLE for a grd 8 practical exam candidate!!!!! and my parents wont buy another one ! SO, no choice ~ cheryl wuz like " yay !!! we shall be able to listen to FREE CONCERTS 3 days a week !!!!" so bad huh ??!?!?! hahahaha ....

my sis, hui is having high fever now !!! PoOR THing !!!!!!!!! she had been too stressful !!!!! --- having tuitions , rhythmic gymnastics classes and all ..... hope tht she gets well soon ~

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Valentine's and friendship day

{February 14, 2005}

Happy Valentine's day and Happy Friendship day too !!!! No dates + No flowers + No pressies for me !!!

SIGH !!! ...... actually, i'm now suffering frm some relationship problems ...Urgh !!!!!! hope tht i can get over it SOON!!! js, wht u told me last night wuz true .... i'll try it out ! hope tht it works !!! wish me luck !

Errr .... had ballet in the evening ! qiu ping didn't turn up .... mayb she's having replacement classes for tuitions at kasturi again and dad were out for candle-light dinner at night !!!!! kekekekeke .... while we --- the children stayed at home watching tv, doing homeworks , online-ing and blah blah blah ........ANother Boring DAY !

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